• Not only a bike, but a dream maker

  • You can be very small now, but you have to dare to dream great

  • Dreaming, is a verb

  • Don’t choose comfort at your young age.

  • Thinking, it’s all a problem. If you do, you have an answer.

  • You are the scenery of the city

H&D Lifestyle

Tricycle Entrepreneurial Advantage

Low startup costs

No need to rent, no fixed expenses, lower the threshold for entrepreneurship

Attracting the market

The era of aesthetics requires a striking appearance, and a good dining tricycle can help you in the marketing market.

Flexible location

Flexible adjustment of business locations for easy participation in market events

Customizable custom look

Design your favorite style and plan the dining function that suits you.

Business model check

Start a business, not only need a tricycle, but also a good business model

H&D Lifestyle

Tricycle style

  • 廣告三輪車 Adversiting Bike

  • 親子袋鼠車 Cargo Bike

  • 小棚車 Mini Cargo Bike (with Cart Umbrella)

  • 三輪拖車

    拖車 Trailer

  • 三輪車餐車

    標準三輪車 Standard Cargo Bike


Its an entrepreneurial time

This is a brand new era, belonging to the era when everyone can pursue their dreams!

Now the information is unprecedented, rich in the Internet, technology makes everything simple, everyone in life should pursue their dreams, whether you are a slash youth or entrepreneurial practitioner, H&D Lifestyle will accompany you on this practical dream road!

H&D Lifestyle Milestone

  • 2016

    H&D Lifestyle Tricycle Creation

  • 2017

    Online to Offline Integration


  • 2018

    Opening of the whole Taiwan Exhibition Point

Order Process

  • Selected & booking a tricycle

    Choose the tricycle model and color, pay the tricycle for the deposit

  • Design Discussion

    Design the tricycle with 3D simulation, combining style, equipment and storage

  • Confirm Electric Specifications

    Planning for power systems and identifying electrical specifications

  • Refit construction

    Various types of work for dining tricycle modification

  • Dream take off

    Realize your dreams in the market

Tricycle Modification Case

Street entrepreneurs true words

Hope & Dream A beautiful tricycle – a great team – and a wonderful founder~

They can always break the rules and theories that we generally know. After breaking, we will reorganize it with more careful and high-level thinking. There is no flattery and hypocrisy here, but here we can make our hopes come true and make your dreams bigger. We are willing to build dreams together and dream together. H&D gave me not only a tricycle, but a strong backing for us.

NormanFounder of Alfa Ice Cream阿法 Gelato FB

At first, the original concept of the chicken cake was a small stall, placed at the door of the clothing store to go to work, inadvertently saw the H&D tricycle, after asking about the size,
It feels too big, it may block too many windows, or think about it again?? It’s been a while.
“When you think about it, other people don’t know how much money to make.” “Thinking, it’s all a problem. If you do, you have an answer.”
“I can find the route when I encounter the question.” Tim, the founder of H&D, said this to me straightforwardly, when Kaohsiung looked at the tricycle, ordered, done!

I dare not say how successful it is now, but the development now is far more than I imagined.

Brenda WangMiss Wang Lai Chicken Cake Manager旺來小姐雞蛋糕FB

We are the four generations of oil rice in the ancestral table. The H&D tricycle reverses the traditional stereotype of the oil rice. It is presented in a modern and simple DECO dining tricycle. From then on, fashion and aesthetics are equal to our brand.

Who said that traditional snacks can’t be unfolded in a textured or style way? Breaking through the framework of old thinking can make the brand continue to evolve

Uben rice and rice combined with H&D to launch a brand new look

張簡Uben Oil Rice FounderUben 油飯FB

H&D Lifestyle

All Taiwan Exhibition Center


Kaohsiung Flagship Showroom

1st Floor, No. 862, Chongli Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City

0909-509-386 Mr. Grubby

10 minutes walk from Zuoying High Speed Railway Station

Can be reserved on weekdays 10-18 hours


Hualien Showroom

No. 510, Section 1, Nanbin Road, Ji’an Township, Hualien County

0915-010-303 Mr. Chen

You can reserve a car after 1 pm every day.

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