Tricycle Q&A

What are the standard tricycle that are included in the NT39,900?


The standard tricycle includes a bicycle front box body, a lamp, a Japanese SHIMANO six-segment transmission, a three-wheeled bicycle iron metal frame, a style milk-colored tire and a leather color seat and riding handle, and an adjustable seat cushion.

The cost of wood modification and the cost of electric vehicle modification are customized and vary from person to person. Therefore, they are not included in the basic body cost, and will provide services and quotations according to your needs.

Wealth instruments need to be prepared by yourself, but can be sent to the wood factory, and we will assist you in the installation.

What kind of services do you provide?

The services we provide include tricycle sales, dining tricycle wood design, dining tricycle woodworking modification, electric vehicle modification, power system, business consulting, parasol group, and provincial transportation service.

What is the size of the standard tricycle?

Tricycle Size: L 210cm x W 87cm x H 115cm

Front Box Size (outer diameter): L 93cm x W 66cm x D 56cm

How long does it take for the time to customize the car?

The tricycle assembly is about 2 working days (mainly based on the actual inventory situation), and the electric power is about 2 working days. In our experience, most of the entrepreneurial dining tricycle and the caravan design discussion time is about 2~3 weeks. Construction modification takes about 7 to 14 days. Of course, you can also simply buy the frame with us and look for woodwork for modification.

Can the dining tricycle body be able to order an enlarged size?

We have different module models, the size of the car body is fixed, but the work area can be increased by installing the upper laminate by woodworking.

Can the dining tricycle compartment be placed in the refrigerator?

Yes, but you need to confirm whether the size of the refrigerator you purchased is suitable for the inside size of the dining tricycle and the front box, and you need to purchase the power system.

If your daily operating time does not exceed 8 hours, you can also use your ice storage refrigerator + ice bricks to save your ingredients.

What can a dining tricycle sell?

Our tricycle owners have mobile arts and crafts, elegant dessert cars, style chicken cakes, textured breakfast, creative bagels, hand-made drinks, industrial wind octopus, natural popsicles, flavored and delicious dining tricycle, etc., can play your skills and talents. .

Is there any color available for the tricycle body, can you bake other colors?

The standard tricycle has two styles, black and white. It can be baked in other colors. The production time will be longer and the cost will be extra.

For details, please contact H&D LINE ID: 0909-509-386.

What kind of modification design can the woodworker do?

We will make a unique dining tricycle body modification design for you, and will make a 3D simulation picture similar to the following to confirm, design can be used as a tricycle door switch door, laminate slab, storage laminate, all kinds of hardware slides Etc., can be customized design modification.

Does the dining tricycle have a power system?

Some, will be composed of lithium iron battery and booster system, can be used for electric vehicles or electrical appliances, please contact H&D owner service LINE ID: 0909-509-386 for details.

【Power Systems】:

Plus electric + standard battery *1: NT$21,000 (including electric modification, 20Ah/48V DC lithium iron battery and charger 1 group)
Add electric + premium battery *1: NT$30,450 (including electric modification, 40Ah/48V DC lithium iron battery and charger 1 group)
Add electric + premium battery *2: NT$52,500 (including electric modification, 40Ah/48V DC lithium iron battery and charger 2 sets, can be used for electric vehicles and espresso machines)
For purchase of 110V/220V power system, please contact H&D owner’s line, LINE ID: 0909-509-386

[Electric specifications]:

Electric modification: including electric motor, electric controller, drumstick, throttle switch, voltage display, warranty for 2 years.
Standard battery 20Ah 1 piece: 48V DC lithium iron battery, can run 30-40km when fully charged, charging time is about 6-8 hours.
Super battery 40Ah 1 piece: 48V DC lithium iron battery, can run 60-80km when fully charged, charging time is about 8-12 hours.
There are also 48V/110V, 220V various specifications booster available for purchase to build a power system, to provide car owners with electrical needs, please ask.

How do I do an investment evaluation?

The investment value of the dining tricycle needs to calculate how much recycling this investment can bring you, including the overall visual appeal, as well as the estimated turnover and profit. Of course, it also includes the design of commodity power, as well as the planning of marketing and conservation. A reasonable meal plan can recover the investment amount within 2~4 months.

How can I order?

You can choose:

1. After confirming the order item with Line (0909-509-386), we will provide you with the remittance account. Please complete the remittance. The invoice will be sent to the designated place. If you need woodwork design, we will be under you. After booking, you will be able to pull the designer group on the Line for online design discussions.

2. Order the tricycle directly on the website. The H&D official website will automatically produce the order to you, and the invoice will be sent to the designated place.

3. Pay directly to the store in cash, fill out the purchase order on site and provide receipts and invoices.

What is the process after the order?

Choose the tricycle color -> tricycle payment -> Join the H&D line -> Confirm the electric modification specifications -> 3D design discussion -> Estimated delivery -> Refit construction -> Delivery delivery -> Business dreams take off

Where is the tricycle going to repair?

All of our frames are designed and manufactured in professional bicycle factories, not ordinary iron factories, so our parts are all regular bicycle specifications and can be repaired at all bicycle shops.

However, if you need H&D’s classic color and spare parts, you can contact us.

Is there a parasol?

In some cases, the custom of the umbrella group also includes the production of the umbrella seat. The parasol has a wooden umbrella and an aluminum umbrella. Please contact the H&D owner service LINE ID: 0909-509-386.

Can the car be transported to other counties and cities?

Yes, we can ship all the taiwan provinces. Please refer to the shipping instructions in the product description for the cost.

Do you need special maintenance for the dining car and the car after the rain?

Yes, it is recommended that you dry the tricycle as soon as possible after the rain has passed, and do the maintenance of anti-rust oil at the metal screw. Always try to park in a covered area or buy a tricycle raincoat protection.

Do you have any help with visual design?

Yes, if necessary, can help you introduce graphic designers to help you with planning and design.